We begin with value: your time, your money,
your taste are of prime significance.




About Adora

Adora is the destination for those who seek all things beautiful and useful, sometimes playful, always tasteful.

Let’s look at the finer details. The beauty of a handmade shoe. The elegance of well-tailored clothing. The quiet sophistication in a carefully crafted bag.

Adora features an edited selection of preferred pieces culled from contemporary collections and current must-have favorites. The selections are inspired by the season’s hottest, the trends on the street, as well as the global style pulse.

At Adora, your options are wide open and easy to try on for size. All brands housed under Adora are carefully selected to be of premium quality and exuding of good taste. This well-honed fashion know-how allows us to meticulously source from around the world—from New Delhi to Barcelona to New York—and to go beyond the trap of predictability. We adopt a wide-eyed perspective that chooses to play with possibilities and personas. After all, personal style can easily shift from sensible to sophisticated, from downtown cool and to full-on drama.

Adora brands include well-known names, long-established houses, as well as boutique finds and cutting-edge designers. The variety and volume are no accident; Adora’s space is crafted to provide you the freedom to explore and use it to express your latest interests or to reaffirm the standards you’ve cultivated over time.

We believe that, besides style, shopping is a personal experience too. It is the means to self-expression, an exploration of what is new, a happy endeavor that collects the better things in life, or even the fulfillment of the basic need to furnish a busy, purposeful life.

Whatever brought you here, welcome. There’s always something around the corner to catch your eye; do take a closer look.


Everyday Wonders

Adora celebrates choices. There is so much more than what is seen on the catwalks and in fashion showrooms.

Adora sees possibilities. It seeks the everyday wonders that manifest in every opportunity of expression, in fashion or at home, when seeking adventure, or when selecting coveted pieces.

Each day, styles change and the world spins a bit faster. Meanwhile, Adora remains unruffled, embracing the unexpected. Its well-edited selection of brands provides a jumpstart to seeing a range of stylish items in the context of daily life. These items can belong on the street, in the boardroom, on a date, or on a trip with you. Our suggestion: allow us to surprise you.

Adora is attentive. With each encounter, we seek to go beyond your expectations. We know the details don’t just matter, they make all the difference. It goes beyond the time spent at the store or your experience with our online channels. This way, you can let go and simply have fun with what’s in front you.  


The Adora Woman

The Adora woman knows her worth. She knows what she wants and she works hard to get it. The Adora woman doesn't get easily swayed by flash-in-the pond trends—she chooses as she pleases.

She is complex, but not contradictory. She likes sincerity, loyalty, and a healthy sense of humor. She prefers to see the world, in whatever capacity she can, and enjoys discovering life's many surprises along the way. Her style accommodates her need for both freedom and groundedness, and the flexibility to change her mind when fancy strikes—which isn't too often but always legitimate.


The Adora woman knows her worth.
She knows what she wants
and she works hard to get it.


The Adora Man

The Adora man’s needs are straightforward. Give him something that is made of superior quality, something crafted with care, or a practical item packaged handsomely. He pushes hard to achieve, with his eye always on the prize.

He is careful not to indulge (but would probably appreciate someone to do it for him). He is determined, but knows how to relax and relish life. This duality, he knows, is important to his well-being. He has learned to surround himself with what matters most to him—be it the people he cares about or the things he brings into his life—knowing that anything else is a waste of time.

Discover a world of Everyday Wonders.

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